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We are a loving family with a BIG CHALLENGE. We decided to spend some creative quality time together, EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A WHOLE YEAR. 366days | 366projects


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Camping on the island of Pag is our dreamy getaway

We love to camp. We can't wait for summer to begin and school to end, so we can pack our bags, load our car and head towards the sea. For the past nine years we always go to the same place - a small campsite on the island of Pag in Croatia. We like the beautiful Adriatic sea, the warm dalmatian sun and the refreshing island breeze. 

I feel that the minute we depart, we become different people. As if someone pressed our "holiday mode" button and the next ten days only happy faces are allowed. We laugh a lot, we sing, play on our ukulele, paint all the time, play family games, sleep a lot, swim, play on the beach, dance and enjoy our selves to the fullest. 

Some people think that camping is uncomfortable and dirty. Others believe it is not luxurious enough: the food is below average, drinks are always warm and you can't relax properly. I adore camping food, although we always eat too much pasta. It is totally awesome that we don't have to check our watches all the time, to see when the lunch will be served. It is just perfect to be able to spent entire day in your bathing suits, not worrying about the dress code and wrinkles on your dress. And the most magical thing about camping is to spend ten days with your kids all snuggled in inside of a tent. We sleep together, we cook together, play together, shower together and even brush our teeth together. 

Ten magical days on Croatian cost bonds our family like nothing else. We fill our batteries and we rest our souls. If you camp, you know what I'm talking about, and if you'r not, you should ;-)

IMG_7225_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7233_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_7235_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7243_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_7246_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_7248_(1600_x_1200).JPG 13566996_824862604317044_9149098024583654429_n_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7267_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7258_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7271_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13537501_824979167638721_1242680537563722530_n.jpg IMG_7287_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7294_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7306_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13516539_825449280925043_2640755896229133425_n_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7331_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7338_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7342_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7343_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7365_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7368_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7371_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7386_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7397_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7404_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13524338_825797897556848_6759118756042733579_n.jpg 13528894_825798440890127_2383907637463083668_n.jpg IMG_7425_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13516513_825797887556849_3471274153355933065_n.jpg IMG_7412_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7424_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7428_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7439_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7464_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7477_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7486_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7489_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_7491_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13512006_826567157479922_6064461804997665934_n.jpg IMG_7512_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7547_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7561_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13439239_827983934004911_7883935742814973397_n.jpg 13567478_827983897338248_8407060472424045703_n.jpg 13533149_827983900671581_421908899003405578_n.jpg IMG_7568_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13529189_826983537438284_6289140664655904706_n.jpg IMG_7514_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13512029_826983514104953_1953340288706883146_n.jpg IMG_7569_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13507187_826983454104959_8630110277892217360_n.jpg IMG_7599_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7603_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7627_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13521905_827931424010162_4479382528242500846_n.jpg IMG_7629_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7633_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7637_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7641_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7644_(1600_x_1200).JPG IMG_8005_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7656_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7657_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7686_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7698_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7758_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7763_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7771_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7775_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7782_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7802_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7807_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7821_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7827_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13620115_828940133909291_1983610950582370433_n.jpg 13627102_828940113909293_3027852883028471457_n.jpg IMG_7880_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7882_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7889_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7891_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7895_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7906_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7908_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7914_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7931_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7943_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7957_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7962_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7974_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7999_(1600_x_1200).jpg IMG_7992_(1600_x_1200).jpg 13645096_830660097070628_8765392241034612251_n.jpg

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